Our People

Our People

The strength of our commitments is based on the power of our people and their passion for doing their jobs to the very best of their abilities. That’s because we’re all about having the right people for the right job and the right attitude to getting it done.

All of this makes Impact Telecom an exceptionally spirited and positive place to work – a place where people can achieve great things through their own efforts on behalf of their clients. We are not simply a telecommunications company, and we only attract staff that understand your business and are driven to improve it.

Every employee has the authority and the responsibility to make decisions in serving our customers. We take great pride in combining technical ability with the consulting skills necessary to deliver the right services directly to our customers when needed. Impact Telecom has a diverse team of skilled professionals and we are committed to their professional and personal development and to ensuring that Impact is a great place to work.

We also maintain a diverse workforce in which the different contributions made by all employees, through the variety of their personalities, experiences and perspectives, creates a stimulating and rewarding working environment. Diverse backgrounds give us deeper insights into customer needs and enhance all our relationships. Our people are the source of our success.