Business Class Internet Accessimpactmatrix

Impact’s Business Class Internet Access delivers your data to its destination securely, reliably, and along the fastest route possible. By utilizing private peering relationships with virtually all major internet providers, Impact Telecom delivers reliable connectivity and the best possible speed and through-put.

Integrated T-1 Bundles matrixexcel

Specifically designed for growing businesses, the Impact Telecom Integrated T-1 bundle combines local and long distance services with Dedicated Internet Access on a single facility to provide a higher level of speed, reliability, and affordability.

IP VPNmatrixexcel

Impact’s IP VPN is a IP-based secure private networking solution that allows you to converge all your voice and data needs onto one highly flexible and scalable network, giving you unprecedented control of your business information flow by combining a full suite of features with a true MPLS based core architecture.

DSL BROADBAND matrixexcel