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Impact Telecom is the partner’s partner,
because we succeed when you succeed.

Our Network

The Impact Telecom Network

Dependable. Innovative. Scalable.

The Impact Telecom network encompasses a broad deployment of a private, nationwide IP network combined with our nationwide network of interconnection facilities and fiber interconnects including fully redundant switching operations.

Flexible technology

Impact Telecom utilizes state of the art equipment to ensure quality and integrity in the voice fabric. We utilize a combination of SBC, media proxy, media gateways, and telemetry to bring the customer the highest quality voice termination. Using a combination of private IP connections, public Internet and DS3 (SS7) facilities, we interconnect with customers and vendors in any manner they desire.

IP-Based Feature Group D

Our flexibility and expertise in all areas of these technologies make us the right choice for all of your voice needs. We own and operate the largest implementation of an IP-based network connected to a nationwide Feature Group D (FGD) network in the United States, enabling origination and termination of traffic virtually anywhere in the country.

Core Transport Network

Impact Telecom’s interconnection agreements with more than 300 carriers ensure the best rates and we are a certified IXC connected to nearly every tandem in every LATA.

Core Transport Network - Key Switch Sites

Dallas - 4316 Bryan St. Atlanta - 55 Marietta St. Chicago - 350 E. Cermak Rd.
New York - 60 Hudson St. Los Angeles - 650 S. Grand Ave.  

All switch sites have:

  • Fully redundant switch/router infrastructure
  • DIA diversity across multiple providers
  • Internal connectivity redundancy across multiple providers
  • Disaster and power outage recovery and rerouting


Our IP-based network is designed to work with many different switches and protocols, from TDM switches to the latest soft-switches. We are able to transcode codecs as needed to match our Feature Group D network.

Nationwide Carrier Transport Network

Impact Telecom offers services over our own Feature Group D voice and next generation IP-based data network. We have developed a proprietary, least cost routing platform to take advantage of fluctuations in voice rates. The Impact Telecom transport network provides best-in-class services that are the result of a fully redundant core network of current equipment, with multiple connections to different bandwidth providers.


Impact’s network and support infrastructure can scale to manage substantial growth with excess network capacity adjustments made quickly to your meet your needs.

Domestic Routing Capabilities

Our services include FGD+, which limits options to only Impact Telecom’s FGD network and Tier 1/direct connect partners. For rural area termination, calls terminate to Impact Telecom’s FGD network and Tier 1/direct connect partners. Traffic is terminated at the highest performance levels, depending on your traffic mix. We conduct daily operational analyses on all KPIs based on input from you and manage PDD to below a 2.5 second target metric, depending on product and traffic mix. We monitor ASRs in real-time, to proactively address any issues, depending on time, destination mix, CPS and other factors. Our staff analyze any negative trending in average call duration (ACD) and take measures to discover the cause. We can deliver less than 1% network-wide packet loss because of our redundant paths and routers.