Partner Program


Impact Telecom is the partner’s partner,
because we succeed when you succeed.



We bring years of experience, with thousands of businesses from the smallest up to enterprise level delivering services that meet their needs and satisfy business objectives. Our connectivity bundles and hosted services are designed to be easy to understand, and easy to use. Backed up with our own powerful network we deliver fantastic support and always focus on the best possible customer experience.

SIP Trunking

SIP is a robust digital solution that delivers high quality voice and data service. Using dynamic bandwidth allocation, Impact Telecom amplifies the capabilities of SIP, allowing for on-demand paths which can be used for calling and unified communication features.

Whether connected via public or private connection, Impact Telecom can deliver quality services to any combination of platforms from native SIP to mixed modes including TDM capabilities.

  • Virtual DIDs available.
  • Peer-to-Peer networking with no key sharing or registration.
  • Own nationwide Feature Group D.

When bandwidth is your only limitation, less can be a whole lot more.


Traditional telephone service, Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), with unlimited local calling for one flat monthly charge or competitive measured rates. Combined with Impact Telecom long distance and toll-free service all of your calling needs can be provided on a single bill. Our local service is available in major metropolitan markets and in many smaller markets as well. Impact Telecom is a licensed, nationwide, facilities-based CLEC offering local services since 1996.

Toll Free Origination

Impact Telecom’s toll free services boasts an inventory of numbers throughout the US and Canada with the ability to easily import existing numbers. We offer competitive rates by carrying all traffic over our private network, and can terminate toll free calls virtually anywhere.

Switched, Dedicated and International LD

At our core, as an IXC (Interexchange Carrier), Impact Telecom long distance includes service to nearly every LATA. We leverage our private, nationwide FGD network to terminate more than 2 billion minutes each month. We also specialize in international long distance and offer competitive rates.


Impact Telecom collaboration services provides 24x7 on-demand access to audio and web conferencing. Equipped with a wide array of custom features, including Operator Assistance, our conferencing products are ideal for businesses seeking reliable web and audio conferencing solutions with maximum flexibility and cost savings.

Cloud Storage

We provide safe and redundant storage of your mission critical information including advanced file access and storage organization.

Data Services

Impact Telecom's high-capacity Internet and data networking solutions enable our customers to leverage technology. Impact Telecom offers a broad range of interface options - from DSL to Ethernet to Wave - to serve customers with widely varied business needs and scale.