Impact Telecom’s Digital Office service will optimize your bandwidth - without investment in expensive network upgrades or increased IT support.

Local Phone Servicematrixexcel

Your business needs dependable local telephone service. Impact provides dependable local service for all your lines with unlimited local calling for one flat monthly rate or competitive local rates in metered markets.

Long Distancematrixexcel

Impact Telecom’s long distance bundles are engineered to streamline your business, while preserving maximum flexibility by integrating services like high-speed internet access, local, domestic and international long distance and toll-free services on one bill.

800 Toll Freematrixexcel

Impact Telecom’s 800 Toll Free service offers you your very own business 800 numbers where customers can call you toll-free from anywhere in the country! You'll always be within easy reach.

Audio/Web Conferencingmatrix

Business collaboration is now easier than ever with the premier audio conferencing and web conferencing services from Impact Telecom.

Voice T-1 matrixexcel

Impact Telecom’s voice T-1 lines deliver an all digital, flexible, cost-effective solution that offers increased trunking efficiency, and supports advanced calling features - over your existing infrastructure.

Calling Cards matrixexcel

Impact Telecom’s Calling Card products give you a cost-effective means to place all your domestic, long distance and international calls, while avoiding the high usage rates commonly associated with hotels, pay phones and even cellular phones.

private line matrixexcel