Long Distance


Long Distance


ImpactConnect is a new generation Voice over IP home phone replacement and app-based voice service offering industry-leading features, reliability and quality. The service can be used from any traditional home phone when connected to the ImpactConnect VoxBox or from an easy to use smartphone and tablet app. Plans start at just $4.99/month and options for unlimited domestic and international calling are available.

Long Distance

Impact offers a multitude of domestic and international long distance plans that work with any telephone provider and service, all with flexible features tailored to your unique calling needs and budget.


Impact’s CellConnect is long distance for home phones, cell phones or any phone. CellConnect allows you to make international calls directly from your cell phone at the most competitive rates and with great quality.

My Country Number

Receive calls as if you were in your home country with Impact’s MyCountry Number. You will be assigned your own local number in your home country which, when dialed, will ring on a phone number you choose in the United States. MyCountry Number works with either your home or cell phone and enables you to receive UNLIMITED calls from your friends and family abroad. It’s as if you were still in your home country.

Dial Around

For immediate savings just use one of Impact Telecom’s convenient dial around codes. Easy, reliable and affordable, dial around products offer low rates, crystal-clear connections and excellent service all without a subscription or contract. Just pick up the phone and dial!

Personal 800 Number

With Impact Telecom’s Personal 800 service you will be assigned your own toll-free 800 number and family, friends and colleagues can call you toll-free from anywhere in the country! You'll always be easy for them to reach.