International Termination

International Termination

Impact’s strong international relationships, network redundancy, scalability, and expert technical and routing teams, allows us to deliver high quality and reliable service.

Our International Termination Service Includes:

  • Bilateral agreements with over 50 carriers
  • More than 200 carrier vendors internationally - interconnects with Intl PTT and / or in-country directs
  • Ability to quickly ramp capacity to meet customer needs
  • Redundancy in network for international traffic
  • Highly qualified technical staff can ramp up to demand within hours
  • Many U.S. and worldwide Tier 1 carriers are our customers for international voice termination
  • Ability to support multiple voice termination products based on customer requirements
  • Differentiated service with a focus on quality

Carrier Agreements

Impact is well positioned in the international market. We have bilateral agreements with over 50 international carriers. We have over 200 premium routes / interconnects with international PTT and / or in country directs, and more than 200 carrier vendors internationally.

Routing & Redundancy

Using its next generation switching platform and advanced routing systems, the Impact Telecom network is ideal for originating and terminating international traffic. Each switching function is serviced by independent, geographically redundant server elements. Multiple international connection points and carrier relationships allow us to determine optimal routing with redundant routing backups.

Capacity & Scalability

Impact carries billions of minutes and messages monthly, and provides international service to many Tier 1 carriers in the U.S. and around the world. Our platform has been designed to allow for quick expansion of capacity, and can be quickly ramped up by our expert technical staff to meet custom requirements.

Quality Focus

Leveraging our high quality international partners, our own powerful platform and the redundancies inherent in each, allow Impact to determine the desired routing path on a per-destination basis. Our private nationwide Feature Group D network allows us to originate and terminate international traffic from virtually anywhere in the United States.